The CHAT-M-Room
on Cape Cod, MA
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Established on Jan 27th, 2005
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  • What is the history of the site?
    Around 2001, many folks were leaving comments/questions about people, places and events in Chatham on the TeleCAM Systems site GuestBook. This later became "the CHATham ROOM" where these people could share memories from the "good ole days". In Jan 2005, the prior owner/moderator decided to end that forum. Many existing users desired to continue the forum so the current owner/moderator volunteered to develop and initially finance this enhanced independent replacement. This has required in excess of 250 hrs of donated time, partially due to addition of new/enhanced features, such as filtering of text.

  • What are the rules for posting?
    The guidelines are somewhat more relaxed than the prior site in that topics need NOT be about the distant past.
    However, they should relate to Chatham in some manner. See Posting FAQ's for other details. Also, there have been some filters installed in an attempt to reduce objectionable posts. Should you encounter this, your post will be blocked until it is corrected. Some items will be altered without any notice. Most filters will NOT be disclosed here as part of the security. Enhancements will be made as needed so what is accepted now may not be later. Although comments area appears unlimited, it is limited to specific lengths and nbr of physical lines. Certain special chars (from MS WORD docs) or foreign chars will cause post to be blocked.   Some common special chars (curly quotes, em/en dashes, ellipis) will be normalized.

    Also, posts are generally examined on daily basis. Any comments that do not relate to the intended purpose may be deleted at the sole discretion of the moderator. There are Net chatrooms that may allow all expletives or personal attacks: This one does not! Also, all posts are considered to be personal opinions and are not to be relied upon as statements of fact. See Posting FAQ's for terms, conditions & disclaimers.

  • Who owns and runs it?
    This site is owned, designed, built and maintained by the owner of Pleasant Forest Shores as a quasi-community service. It is not connected or associated with the Town of Chatham or any other public or private organization whose links may appear here. Usage of links and logo of Pleasant Forest Shores are due to the shared ownership and management of both sites.

  • Who pays for it?
    There are some minimal monetary expenses for this site. It is hosted using the private co-operative service HCOOP.NET to reduce costs. Many users of the prior CHATham ROOM have volunteered to contribute to the expenses to keep a local forum going. Those who sponsor the average cost for a month ($8.50) will have their name placed on the index banner during that month, and on the Site Sponsors page. Contact the moderator for details should you feel the desire to contribute to continue the operation of this site.
Owner/Moderator: John Hallgren
Contact phone #: 727-346-6464

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