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J. Hallgren (as Moderator)
S Chatham, MA USA - Thu 11/07/2019 - 23:39:10
Finally getting to some long needed maint updates to site, including moving posts from Apr 2017 to Dec 2018 to History and changing Index tribute photo to another of our long time posters, Carl Olson.
J. Hallgren (as Moderator)
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Just the HCoop admin stopping by to double check posting still works after moving the site to a new server.
Raleigh, NC USA - Wed 12/05/2018 - 20:35:55
The Cape Cod Times is adequate, just adequate...John Whelan, and I beg to differ with you on their Sports coverage. Their deadline is too early to catch anything you might want to know, they force you to rely on the 'net to catch scores and such. I don't really look at the Sports anymore, I read the paper every day and the sports coverage is so over. Nothing new there. Used to be more up-to-date than the Globe. We still get the Times because Mom loves the crossword puzzle!!! I like Cynthia Stead's column too.
Amy Tag <>
HARWICH PORT, MA USA - Thu 08/09/2018 - 19:49:05