Last five posts from the CHAT-M-Room (Town Common) are:

Folks: You may notice some differences in recent posts from what was there since last night. That is the result of some private conversations between myself and Alan and Ben H, who was now gracious enough to tell me via FB PM:
"John please just delete my posts relating to Alan- you were right .. Leave Alan's on there if you want but take mine down - they don't contribute anything worthwhile - Thanks
Please tell everyone I asked that you remove them as I realized they were not contributing to the friendly spirit of the ChatM room"
However, I chose instead to edit Ben's posts and mine to remove references to the most problematic parts and leave the portions that would have been, I think, OK for all of us. I MUCH appreciate Ben H working with me on this and by giving him some more background info on Alan, that may have helped resolve this.

J. Hallgren (as Moderator)
Clearwater, FL USA - Thu 03/21/2019 - 14:17:27
Oh my, here we go again with all this bickering! Please stop, think and be more interested in the true purpose of this Chat-M-Room. Many of the issues facing the NEW Chatham have been created by our new destination status for summer fun. Let's focus more on a few traditional things that attract so many people to visit. Mainly the major loss of our fisheries and fishing families. We are re-building the viewing platform at the Fish Pier for a fleet that probably has lost access to their livelihood, the Atlantic Ocean.

May I remind everyone that after WWII, the well trained returning Vets pitched in to create all the services and small businesses and homes that made the charming well-knit community that visitors learned to love. Those men and their successors are the backbone of the REAL Chatham we enjoy today. Support for the VFW should be a higher priority for funding than anything else.

Emily Cunningham <>
Rancho Mirage, CA USA - Wed 03/20/2019 - 22:14:57
All the ChatM regulars are "over it" - let's move on
Ben H
USA - Wed 03/20/2019 - 21:45:52
Alan: Yes, there have been a few times when your style of writing and content were a bit different than normal here and we've talked about that by phone before, and i think we've resolved most of that. Having said that, the way I prefer all users to deal with personal negative comments like you received is to contact ME directly and not respond HERE because then I may have two users who didn't follow rules.
And - it's "Chronicle" - (spelling that wrong adds to the impression that you're not acquainted with Chatham to some folks)

J. Hallgren (as Moderator)
Clearwater, FL USA - Wed 03/20/2019 - 21:18:27
And the Nastiness keeps on coming-which has been typical of some of the contributors of this site, however I knew I would face this disingenuous non sense when I posted earlier.

I could surely put this in many other ways, but I will leave it at this.

If you can still read, you might wish to take a look at this weeks Chronical and some of its articles. For example:

Alan Pollock's "Desperate Mariners seek Answers"

Doreen Leggett's "Not just one Fish, Two Fish Anymore"

Andrew Beckley' Editorial "Utter Disconnect willfully so, between the problems we face and the ability we have to address them.

And as far as the Kool Aid comment and your review of myself on MY LIFE, I hope you can do a little better than this, perhaps first grade 101 might take you to a slightly higher level

Alan Wirsul
USA - Wed 03/20/2019 - 20:35:57