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SO interesting to note that there are only 21 kids in the Kindergarten class now. Guess what: First of all, when I was kid in Chatham there was no Kindergarten available.. Secondly, the Graduating Class of 1957 had 22 kids. We somehow made it through our 12 years in one building. Now the Community Center, or whatever it is called.
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Richard R. <>
Eastham, MA USA - Sat 03/25/2023 - 17:58:55
Actually, the 25% might be a bit high. Here's the breakdown for the two schools: CES 119 Chatham 11 Harwich 21 School Choice Total 151 HES 10 Chatham 412 Harwich 55 School Choice Total 477 129 out of 628 regional elementary students are from Chatham.
Chatham, MA USA - Sat 03/25/2023 - 14:54:35
Thanks for the breakdown Debbie. To me it highlights the effect of the lack of affordable housing. We need to find solutions it in 20 years there might not be anyone here to populate our committees & boards.
Dave Mott <>
Chatham, MA USA - Sat 03/25/2023 - 12:43:19
CES breakdown for Chatham students: K=21; 1=27; 2=12; 3=37; 4=22. (There are also 10 Chatham students attending HES.)
Chatham, MA USA - Sat 03/25/2023 - 11:48:27
Currently there are 119 Chatham students enrolled in CES.
Chatham, MA USA - Sat 03/25/2023 - 11:39:11