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Eastham has some affordable housing off Brackett Road, and there are plans in the works to build more such housing at the former Tee-Time lot on Route Six, which is now owned by the Town. There will never be enough of this sort of housing as long as weekly summer rentals are so desirable on Cape Cod.
One might look at the Trailer Park in Wellfleet, adjacent to the Drive-In which has added a community septic system and has recently added some new sites. With no outpouring of dissent from anyone that I have heard.
I had suggested that the Tee Time site would accommodate a lot of manufactured homes, but that didn't go well. Would manufactured homes work at the Buckley Property?
Probably not allowed by the Zoning Rules that prohibit such domiciles that are perceived as "less than".

Richard R. <>
Eastham, MA USA - Fri 03/01/2024 - 17:03:57
Richard - 60-70 units in a parcel of property with less than three acres is outrageous. Many seem to feel that 35-40 would more than suffice. Remember - these won't be promised to Chatham people. Who will be the landlord? Way too many unanswered questions. How is Eastham solving its affordable housing?
W. Chatham, MA USA - Thu 02/29/2024 - 17:39:46
Judy P: Just how much density would you be ok with ? Maybe none?
Marcella Daniels has not been forgotten .
She was SO against anything but basic Cape Cod houses, homes for one family.

Richard R. <>
Eastham, MA USA - Thu 02/29/2024 - 17:31:26
Dick - Your comments are timely. I can't believe the amount of density these people are talking about for affordable housing. None of the town's policemen or firemen will be able to live there. It's ridiculous and to compound this with a water shortage doesn't bode well for many of us. I had to laugh when I read Shareen Davis' LTE in today's Chronicle. If South Chatham's land was so "vibrant" and such a great legacy for her family why did they sell the Twine Field for profit instead of letting it become affordable housing? Trees have been demolished and land torn apart to build a bike path . This doesn't benefit the majority of residents. If we don't take steps now to prevent this overdevelopment on these properties our town will be lost forever. I smell a LOT of rats here.

. People better fetter acts together and do what we can to stop this overdevelopment of everything here.

W. Chatham, MA USA - Wed 02/28/2024 - 18:00:33
I think it was Castell Kelly of Ruby's Dry Cleaning Shop and Laundromat , told me "You would have been taller if they didn't allow so much for feet".
Richard R. <>
Eastham, MA USA - Wed 02/28/2024 - 17:22:20